The eyes are useless where the mind is blind

Monday morning. I could hear the alarm ringing. Slowly opening one eye, I peeked at the clock on my phone. I was late. It took a minute for this to sink in. I WAS LATE. I jumped out of bed and then started the daily marathon as I try to get ready for work. I bet I could beat Usain Bolt at this.

Taking a few bites of my breakfast, I rushed out. Driving to work, it wasn’t long before I got caught up in traffic. “This place is so horrible. The roads are terrible, they weren’t paved properly, and those that were had people parked on either sides. People are lazy. It’s too hot. What could possibly be good about this place?!”, I grumbled to myself. “Look at the garbage they dumped on the side of the road”. My complaining went on and on.

He was walking down the road with his father and his small sister. He couldn’t see much except for some blurry shapes and some lights. It must be some sins in his past life, the priest told his parents. His relatives sympathized his parents. “Its not like they didn’t have enough problems. They have loans to pay off. And God is further testing them with this child”, they said. His parents never said anything. It was always the same. The only person who didn’t mind his blindness was his little sister. She loved going for walks with him and their father. The best part of the walk was when she would explain everything that she sees around her to him. No one else took her seriously. No one else would listen to all the stories she had to tell, to all the wondrous things she sees around. He loved the walks even more because he could hear more about new things that he’s never known and best of all, he had someone who would talk to him openly without having every sentence drip with sympathy.

It’s been 30 minutes and I was still stuck in the same traffic jam. By now I had run out of things to complain about. Looking around for new topics, I saw three people walking on the side of the road. Two men and a small girl. They were walking away from me and I noticed the guy in the middle was being helped to walk and I immediately realized he was blind. The first thought that came to my mind was the same that would come to your’s too. “Poor guy.” “How much is he missing! He must really be so depressed and his life must be like hell”. I kept thinking of how hard it must be for him. I noticed the girl swinging her arms and explaining about how big the bus was that crossed by.As the traffic moved and I crossed them. I turned back and looked, expecting to see an unhappy face, but what I saw shocked me. He was smiling.

I couldn’t understand it. How could he be smiling? That night after getting back from work, I thought long and hard about it. It’s then that I realized the truth. And immediately all the sympathy I had for him vanished. He had nothing to be sad about. Yes true that he couldn’t see everything around him, but he had someone who described how everything looks. (If you’ve noticed, nothing is ever not exciting for a child). Ever wondered why children are always more happier than us? It’s because they only see the right while we see the wrong. Despite being the same things I’ve seen, I’m sure the world that she described was much more beautiful to him than the one I saw.

Sounds like a cliche story? Well there’s a difference. What is the lesson that is to be learnt here? Is it to stop complaining? About being thankful? Is it about how perspective matters? Or maybe about how we shouldn’t sympathize others? I bet these are the thoughts that rushed to your head when you read this. See how many things rushed into your head? What is really to be learnt here is how far we’ve fallen if we need a poor blind boy to remind us about all this.


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