How to survive a break up

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted here. Being pretty busy with life and work made me almost forget about this blog.. almost..

I’ve seen heaps of pages which talk about how depression set on by break ups can be handled by extroverts, and to be honest I have tried to apply it in my life but it most of it didn’t really work. So, why is it so different for an introvert? As commonly well known, introverts prefer keeping to themselves or their closely knit friend groups. They tend to be uncomfortable around groups of unfamiliar people and due to this factor they usually find it harder to meet people they like or are comfortable with. And even if someone does catch their eye, it takes a lot of effort for them to approach them. Once they do approach someone and the feeling is mutual, they open themselves up. As introverts generally keep to themselves, having someone they love,  means considering them as a part of themselves and almost every activity revolves around their partner. Funny enough it’s also because of this that introverts and extroverts make the best pair.  The extrovert acts like their window to the world and the introvert is the loyal companion who is always ready to hear and listen.  It is probably due to this reason that sometimes break ups are the most harsh on an introvert. They feel like they are left with a part of themselves missing and cannot go out to a party or socialize with friends and recharge like extroverts normally would.


Anyway, lets get past the boring technicalities and talk about a few stories. I’ve added a video at the end, try playing it as you read this as I was listening to it while I was writing. I feel it will help you feel what I did when I wrote this. Continue reading